Clinical Research of the German Medical Devices Market

For your potential Market Entry into the German Medical Device Market, we will be able to provide you with the solutions that you need:


  • Will your product be used in Germany or does the market not follow your ideas?
  • How often do clinicians perform the diagnostic or procedure you are interested in?
  • What do German Guidelines suggest clinicians and how is your potential pathway?
  • Is there an economic savings with the introduction of you product or will you encounter higher costs?
  • How would the current reimbursement system cover this product at this point?


Depending on where your product is in its life cycle, it is very important to carry out the appropriate investigations in order to ensure that your product can successfully exist in the German Healthcare Market.

The results of our research provide you with the necessary data to create the best strategy in introducing your product to the market. We will be able to point out which hospital will can use your product how often, in which department and how the respective budget looks like today.


MedTech Academy is designed to provide an individualy based approach which is uniquelly tailored for each of our customers and projects. Through this and our expertise, the success of the consulting project is assured.


Please contact us in case of any further enquiries and contact us for a free consultation with regards to our services.